Climate and Weather in Denver Colorado

Denver offers a nice arid climate with more than 300 days of sunshine. Lets just say that’s more sunshine than you will find in San Diego! Our average annual rainfall is only about 15.4 inches per year and average annual snowfall is around 55.4 inches. It’s no secret why Denver is always at the top of the charts for most desirable place to live.

Average Low/High Temperature and Precipitation

  Average Low Average High  Average Precip.
January 16° 47° 0.63 in.
February 19° 50° 0.64 in.
March 25° 56° 1.83 in.
April 32° 62° 2.25 in.
May 41° 72° 2.6 in.
June 49° 83° 2.5 in.
July 55° 88° 1.78 in.
August 52° 86° 1.87 in.
September 44° 79° 1.16 in.
October 33° 68° 1.32 in.
November 23° 54° 1.18 in.
December 17° 47° 0.86 in.

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"The Wehr Homes Team knows Colorado and the greater Denver metropolitan and surrounding areas like Boulder County. The most important attribute besides experience and knowledge is listening to your customers. Curtis Wehr and his team were able to find the perfect home that met our needs and expectations. Thanks Curtis!"
Arlan & Cheryl