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Dave grew up in a small town in Southwest Iowa and graduated from Iowa State University where he met his future wife Jennifer and together they have called Colorado home since 1996. Bringing Midwest values of hard work and honesty to the table, Dave has been successful in sales roles ranging from copiers and IT, title insurance and finally real estate where his affable nature and Midwest values help clients realize their real estate goals and dreams. He and Jennifer live in Highlands Ranch with their two young boys Jake and Zach where they enjoy getting outdoors as much as they can. In his spare time, Dave enjoys running, playing basketball and golf, hunting, reading and coaching his son’s sports teams. 

His love of Colorado runs deep. After exploring a few larger cities in the Midwest, Dave and Jennifer headed West after graduation to check out what Denver had to offer. Immediately they fell in love with the friendly people, blue skies, lack of bugs and humidity and those little things called “Mountains” to the west! Dave realized there was something else to do with snow rather than suffer through it! There is a large contingency of Iowa State grads calling Colorado home and Dave and Jennifer lay claim to being the first of their “crew” to plant roots in Denver. Dave’s brother and family followed him to Denver shortly after and a few years back they hand built a log cabin outside of Winter Park firmly planting the families Colorado roots. 

From 2003-2012 Dave had been in and around the real estate world supporting, training and working with Realtors and lenders while selling Title Insurance. That experience provided him a keen environment to glean the best attributes of successful realtors and to avoid the pitfalls of most. It also got him thinking that he would like to try real estate! Dave has seen almost every angle to a real estate transaction, buying and selling his own homes, being a General Contractor building a home from the ground up, and helping close real estate transactions and refinances during his time in title. In the summer of 2012, Dave chose to join the Wehr Homes team at Re/Max 100 and considers Curtis one of the best realtors, mentors and friends he knows in the business. Becoming a Realtor is one of the best decisions Dave has made and his early success in the business has validated his decision! 


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